Larimer County should support tax

What we will do is represent with all due modesty that most ephemeral of concepts, posterity. For a community to become great, its citizens must aspire to greatness. They must make brave and unselfish decisions about the momentous issues of the day. That’s what the Larimer County Commissioners are asking their constituents, and it’s a responsibility that people of conscience cannot shirk.Issues of growth, jail overcrowding and the potential relocation of county facilities outside the downtown Fort Collins area, while extremely important in their own right, aren’t the only reasons to support Project S.A.F.E. A greater reason is the legacy that Larimer County’s citizens want to leave for future generations.
For $62 million, Larimer County residents can not only solve nettlesome problems that result from inadequate facilities, but they also can send a statement about this community’s self-esteem and commitment to the future. Are county residents willing to sacrifice for the greater good? Will we build an edifice of which our children and grand-children can be proud, as did so many of our forefathers? What will be the legacy of this generation?
Posterity beckons. It’s up to the people of Larimer County whether they will heed the calls of generations yet to come.ÿ