News: Allsop ramps up production

LARAMIE – Allsop Inc. is up and running as Laramie’s newest business, a computer-accessories manufacturer and distributor anchoring the newLaramie River Business Park. Allsop, based in Bellingham, Wash., has moved much of its manufacturing and distribution operations to Laramie and a new $4 million facility in the60-acre business park on Laramie’s southwest side. Shipping from the new Laramie facility started late in June, production followed in early July, and new injection-molding equipment was scheduled togo on line around the end of July. Allsop was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of skiing equipment, including a popular injected-mold ski-boot carrier. But since the 1970s, it has
diversified into a wide array of computer accessories, many of them using the same injection-molding manufacturing process used in the ski
accessories. “We make computer accessories – anything you need from the time you buy your computer,´ said Kevin Moore, Allsop’s general manager in Laramie.
Accessories such as glare screens, mouse pads, storage boxes for floppy discs or CD-ROMs, and audio and video head cleaners are some of the many
products that will be manufactured in or distributed from Allsop’s new Laramie plant. The new firm has about 35 employees in production and warehouse operations, and Moore estimates having 50 to 55 before the end of the year,
depending on business and growth. Allsop will remain headquartered in Bellingham and will retain engineering, sales and some manufacturing operations there, Moore said. But as the
company grows, growth in manufacturing and employment is projected to take place in Laramie. Company president Ivor Allsop is quoted in a Laramie Economic Development publication touting Laramie as a place to live and do business. “When we looked for a place to expand our business, we wanted both a business-friendly environment and a community where our employees and
their families could enjoy a high quality of living. Laramie had everything we needed,” Allsop said. So far, the partnership seems to be working. The new company has been well-received in Laramie, and Moore reports little problem getting started. “Hopefully, this is the kind of growth they want,” he said. “It’s a clean industry, and it brings jobs to the community.” Moore also is predicting the possibility of spin-offs, noting that his firm will be a heavy user of printing and supplies and may lead to additional
expansion in Laramie’s economy. About 90 percent of the work force was hired locally – or at least included people who wanted to move to Laramie, Moore said. He found Laramie’s
work force adequate for most of his needs but did have to look to Northern Front Range communities for several specialized positions operating the
manufacturing equipment, since it is unique to Wyoming. Moore just relocated from Washington state and said several others moved from Washington to work in the new facility.