Laurie Chin Sayres Director of Media Literacy Education, Labragirl Film Project

Boulder Valley 40 Under Forty

Laurie Chin Sayres finds triathlons “both addictive and rewarding. Endurance training is one of the things that drives me in life,” she said, “and I enjoy the focus and determination that racing requires.”

She also wants to encourage focus and determination in students. As founder and director of media literacy education at the Louisville-based Labragirl Film Project, Sayres said, she supports teachers “who want to help their students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about the way media images shape the way they see themselves, others and the world.

“We also help teachers hold onto or regain creativity in an increasingly standardized educational system.”

Labragirl integrates media-literacy education across the K-through-12 curriculum and focuses heavily on helping students understand the way visual images convey information.

Sayres hosts a community luncheon series designed to combat cyberbullying and foster community conversations about media literacy, and conducts professional-development sessions for teachers.

She received Excellence in Teaching awards two years in a row as an instructor at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, an adjunct position she held before coming to Labragirl.

Through donations and volunteer work, Sayres and her family support the Boulder Valley Humane Society, Emergency Family Assistance Association and the Sister Carmen Community Center.

Sayres also lectured at California State University at Long Beach and was a domestic television research analyst for Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.

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