Yogurt maker, radio station dish up culture and arts

Yogurt lovers know that the fermented-milk product’s texture and tang come from its “active cultures.” For a local yogurt producer, however, that’s not the only culture that matters.

Bellvue-based Noosa Yoghurt, which rapidly is spreading its 10 flavors across the land, has teamed up with KRFC-FM 88.9, Fort Collins’ community radio station, in a new campaign called “Support Local Culture.” The campaign will promote two different nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Northern Colorado each month with weeklong on-air announcements and interviews, digital advertising and social-media posts from both Noosa and KRFC.

Nominations are being accepted from the public, and the organizations to be promoted will be chosen jointly by KRFC and Noosa.

“This campaign will be of immense value to small but vital organizations that couldn’t afford the kind of reach KRFC can provide them,” said Koel Thomae, one of Noosa’s founders, in a press statement. “We’re proud to support this fresh opportunity aimed at enriching our local arts and culture organizations.”

Find a nomination form at krfcfm.org/localculture.

Editor’s note: Northern Colorado Business Report copy editor Dallas Heltzell is a volunteer at KRFC.


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