Workforce projections bill passes Colorado House

DENVER – A bill aimed at helping colleges prepare courses that align with the job market passed the House in a 33-30 vote.

The bill would direct the state Department of Labor and state Department of Higher Education to report on projections of Colorado’s workforce needs. The agencies would use data already gathered by state and federal governments to develop an annual report that predicts workforce needs during the next three years.

The report would detail which workforce needs schools have failed to meet. Using the information, schools can determine what jobs are in demand and companies can learn more about educational programs. The bill could help students make informed decisions about jobs and colleges adjust to job market changes.

Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Englewood, introduced the bill.

“I’m confident that the bill will pass the Senate and soon we’ll have an education system more in tune with the marketplace and a workforce better trained for the jobs that are in demand,” Kagan said in a statement issued by Colorado House Democrats.


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