Tickets on sale for BCBR’s IQ Awards

BOULDER – Tickets are on sale for the 14th annual IQ Awards.

The event will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, at the Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St., Boulder.

Cost is $45 per person. To register for the event, click here.

Eighteen companies have been selected as finalists in six categories for the IQ (Innovation Quotient) Awards presented by the Boulder County Business Report.

The event honors the most innovative new products and services developed by companies and organizations based in Boulder and Broomfield counties, in the Denver/Boulder corridor, or for local divisions of national companies that were instrumental in the innovation.

This year’s theme is Game of Innovation, based on the popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”

The IQ Awards categories this year are Business Products, Consumer Products, Internet/Social/Apps, Natural/Green, Nonprofits and Software.

A panel of judges made up of Tim Bour, Susan Graf, Paul Jerde, Jerry W. Lewis, Alex Sammoury and Theresa Szczurek, selected the finalists.

At the event, finalists will make short pitches about their innovative product or service, and a winner in each category will be selected by the judges. Audience members will select the Innovation of the Year.

The finalists are:

Business Products

Covidien Plc – Medical-device maker Covidien’s team in Boulder created Sonicision, the industry’s first cordless ultrasonic dissection device. It is a hand-held, pistol-grip, battery-powered surgical tool. Research indicates that Sonicision offers several clinical advantages over the leading corded device, including faster dissection through tissue and faster blade cool-down time. It also provides surgeons with complete freedom of movement in the operating room.

Market Force Information Inc. – Boulder-based Market Force created KnowledgeForce, a software platform that allows business-to-consumer companies such as retailers and restaurant chains to consolidate vast amounts of data about customer experiences gathered from surveys, mystery shopping reports, internal audits, contact center feedback, social media summaries and financial reports.

ShelfX Inc.– This Boulder-based company created ShelfX, a mobile self-checkout system that moves the point of sale from the checkout stand to the shelf. The system uses weight-sensitive shelves and knows what products are stocked on each shelf, the price of each item and the weight of each item. A shopper waves an Xcard or near-field communication chip-equipped phone in front of the shelves. The system deducts the price of the purchase from the shopper’s Xcard account balance and updates the inventory on the shelves. Merchants use a web application to set up and manage their fixtures, products, prices and inventory. The system is able to generate restocking lists.

Consumer Products

Canaima Outdoors Inc. – This Louisville-based company doing business as Gibbons Slacklines is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of slackline equipment. Slacklines are one- to two-inch wide lines made of elastic webbing suspended low to the ground between two stationary objects, similar to a tightrope, on which users balance themselves striking poses or performing acrobatics.

Orbotix Inc. – The maker of the Sphero, a robotic ball controlled by a smartphone, has entered augmented reality. This Boulder-based company has developed the Sphero AR Unity Plugin, which allows developers with a little .NET experience and no background in robotics to coordinate robot behavior with virtual content. Sphero’s more than 25 apps, such as Sharky the Beaver, allow a person to control a Sphero ball and the display shows video coming from the back-facing camera of the mobile device showing an animated beaver rendered over the ball. On the screen, it appears as if you are driving a 3-D cartoon character around your living room.

Revolv Inc. – This Boulder-based company, previously named MobiPlug, is developing technology that lets users control hundreds of wireless devices from apps on their smartphones or tablets. It is building a wireless gateway that connects those devices to the Internet. The app will allow users to automate their homes and control devices, from garage doors to appliances to sprinkler systems from all over the world.


30dB – This Nederland company has created an application for the Internet to search for and analyze public opinion on topics of interest. Internet users can drop any topic into the 30dB application and receive analyzed sentiment on that topic. From politicians to entertainers to products to sports, the application boils down the ocean of topics and sentiment. The app also enables users to publish (embed, share, email, etc.) the results. – This Louisville-based company developed a way to reroute bounced emails on behalf of mailbox providers and domain owners back to the original sender after adding an advertising message. For example, a user sends an email with a mistyped address. The mailbox provider’s mail server forwards the bounced notification to, which in turn determines if the bounce is from a machine or a person. If the bounce came from a person, rebuilds that email adding the advertising message and delivers it to the original sender.

Spotright Inc. – This Boulder-based company developed GraphMassive, a software platform that creates graphs that identify online social clusters of people who have shared interests and affinities pertaining to specific brands. It allows digital marketers to analyze, understand and target relationships between people and brands that could lead to acquiring new customers.


Skratch Labs LLC – This Boulder-based company led by Dr. Allen Lim’s research created Exercise Hydration Mix, an all-natural energy/hydration drink using the correct ratios of electrolytes for optimal performance for athletes. It uses dried fruit for flavoring and colors.

Sir Richard’s Condom Co. – This Boulder-based company manufactures condoms made from 100 percent natural latex, which is a renewable resource that comes from the rubber tree. Its condoms are vegan-certified, PETA-approved and the silicone-based lubricant does not contain ingredients that have known to be harmful to the body. For every condom purchased, one is contributed to a developing nation to help aid in the reduction of HIV and STD transmission and family planning.

Tusaar Corp. – Using technology developed at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Tusaar Corp. has developed a process to remove and recover more than 46 different metals from process or waste streams. The water-treatment filter is manufactured using granulated activated carbon and organic compounds. The filter retains the metals such as copper, uranium, mercury, rare earths, etc., while nonpolluting substances such as calcium, phosphorous and sodium pass through. The captured metals can be recovered from the filter and then the filter can be reused.


Agora Foundation – This Boulder-based nonprofit’s Agora Hot Spots project features canopies that are solar-powered, multipurpose gathering places. They offer free access to Wi-Fi connected interactive computer tablets that are embedded in the support pedestals of the canopy. The solar canopy produces more energy than it consumes, allowing for charging stations for mobile devices. People can gather to exchange ideas and learn about all aspects of community life; from health to politics to art, while having access to the World Wide Web.

Bridge House – This nonprofit based in Boulder has created the Ready to Work program, Boulder’s first transitional employment program for homeless people to re-enter the workforce as a pathway to self-sufficiency. The program provides work for its participants while they undergo support services including case management, drug-testing, life skills and financial-management training.

Realities for Children Boulder County – This nonprofit based in Boulder serves abused, neglected and at-risk youth. It offers a model with a two-pronged approach. Local businesses join RFC to leverage their marketing dollars to gain exposure and demonstrate their support for assisting local youth. The support from businesses enables RFC to contribute 100 percent of donations to emergency funding for youths in need. It also runs Bikes 4 Tykes, a program that collects and then distributes used bikes to low-income children. Its Adopt a Piggy Bank program enables businesses and individuals to donate money that is used for scholarships for area youths.


7D Imaging Inc. – This Boulder-based company is developing software to enhance education of ultrasonographers and patients. The software can be used at the bedside during an ultrasound examination as an interactive, digital reference and teaching guide. It contains ultrasound and anatomical information. The ultrasound images and illustrations in the software may be used as a visual teaching tool to help educate patients about their condition.

Culinary Software Services Inc. – This Boulder-based company has developed back-of-the-house technology for the food-service industry. ChefTec and CorTec software applications provide inventory control, recipe and menu-costing, purchasing and ordering, production management, sales analysis, and menu-engineering, waste and lot tracking, and nutritional analysis. Systems are available for small restaurants or complex and multiunit operations.

Webroot Inc. – This Broomfield-based company’s 2013 version of SecureAnywhere is a cloud-based software-as-a-service Internet security product. Webroot designed SecureAnywhere from the ground up to provide the most advanced real-time protection available against both known and unknown malware. Unlike traditional security solutions, Webroot SecureAnywhere installs in seconds, scans in less than two minutes, and never requires security updates or signature database downloads which consume network bandwidth and leave users exposed. Since the threat intelligence is shared instantaneously in the cloud, every Webroot customer is protected within seconds of when a new threat is identified.

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