Stryker has not committed to stadium fundraising

FORT COLLINS — Pat Stryker has not committed to providing financial support to CSU’s possible stadium project, according to a statement from the philanthropist released Tuesday.

Instead, the statement says, Stryker is “focused on other philanthropic activities through Bohemian Foundation’s programs and special initiatives.”

Stryker in 2004 donated more than $15 million for upgrades at Hughes Stadium, the CSU Rams current home. She released her statement following CSU President Tony Frank’s approval Monday of the construction of a new, on-campus stadium on the condition that half of the cost, or $125 million, be raised through philanthropic gifts.

“I am a loyal Rams fan and will remain a proud supporter of the football program regardless of where the team is anchored for its games,” Stryker said.

Stryker also said that Frank is “a thoughtful leader whose actions are driven by forethought, integrity and a desire for fairness.”

“I have no doubt he thoughtfully weighed all concerns presented by both sides, and will continue to take those issues into account as the process moves forward,” she said.


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