“Streetmosphere” Kickstarter Campaign a winner

Tuesday morning, it looked as if Beet Street’s online fundraising campaign to save Streetmosphere was going to go down to the 5 p.m. deadline. But by 2:15 or so, the non-profit art group was able to declare victory.

“We just hit our goal,´ said Mary Beth Polce, development manager at Beet Stret. “We’re so appreciative. We have 319 backers and we’re now going over our goal. We’re at $17,381.”

The campaign was live for 20 days, all in an attempt to keep its summer street art program alive. Known as Streetmosphere, the program funds 90 artists in a variety of performances and art shows.

“We fill the streets with art and culture every weekend through the summer,” Polce said. “This will allow us to go through Labor Day.”


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