Still a long way to go on construction jobs

The economy is recovering but construction jobs are still not back in the numbers seen pre-recession.
Jobs in the industry are 35 percent off their peak in the Fort Collins-Loveland area and 10 percent off the same measure in Greeley.

In the Fort Collins-Loveland metropolitan statistical area, 7,100 construction jobs were reported in December 2011, a loss of 3,800 from that month’s peak of construction employment in the area, which occurred in December 2006. At that time, construction jobs totaled 10,900 in Fort Collins-Loveland.

Greeley showed a total of 10,100 construction jobs in December 2011, off 1,100 from the December 2007 peak of 11,200.

The data was compiled by the Associated General Contractors of America and represents jobs in construction, mining and logging.




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