Snack maker leaves heart in Boulder

You can move away from Boulder, but the magic of the place always stays with you.

Boulder’s marketing mystique is so potent that the iconic Flatirons, the city’s mountain backdrop, continue to grace the bags of kettle chips from Boulder Canyon Natural Foods even though the company has left town.

More than two years ago, the former Boulder snack food manufacturer relocated to Phoenix, where its parent company Inventure Foods Inc. (Nasdaq:SNAK) is based, said Matt Jackson. However, the product line and its website still cling to their Boulder identity. A photo of the Flatirons is the backdrop for the site, and the bags that contain the chips still are imprinted with Boulder, Colorado.

The “Boulder” name is synonymous with natural foods, so the name and that Flatirons logo will remain on the package, no matter where the company is based, he said.

In keeping with the Boulder Canyon theme, the company recently started selling two new “canyon cut” flavors: Olive Oil Canyon Cut and Avocado Oil Canyon Cut.

When you think “canyon cut,” think “ridges” in a crackerlike chip, Jackson said.

Boulder Canyon also has the new Baked Sweet Potato Fries chip flavor. All three new chip flavors are certified as being made with ingredients that contain no genetically modified organisms, Jackson said.

That Boulder mindset makes for “a ‘better for you’ snack profile.”

Just don’t forget to check the number of calories.




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