Slackline company high on new video

BOULDER – An athlete hanging by his feet from a line strung across a Utah canyon may be the image that takes a new online video viral from adventure sport company Gibbon Slacklines.

The new video received 7,000 hits in its first day posted on YouTube, said Emilio Torres, vice president for sales and marketing at Boulder-based Canaima Outdoor Inc., doing business as Gibbon Slacklines. To watch the video, click here:

Athletes in the lifestyle video walk a slackline – a tightrope-looking product – strung across a canyon near Salt Lake City. They compare falling off the slackline to the setbacks people face in life. Each athlete in the video is linked to the line by a visible red safety rope.

“We’re pretty proud about how it came out,” Torres said. “It talks about just taking one step in front of the other.”

Gibbon saw a meteoric rise in sales and interest across the United States after athlete Andy Lewis did his moves on a slackline during Madonna’s halftime show at the 2012 Super Bowl.

The company received more than 800 million media impressions online in the eight months after the Super Bowl show, Torres said at the time. The privately held company does not release revenue numbers.

Gibbon spent about $500 for athlete salaries to make the video, Torres said. A film crew worked for free and paid for the helicopter rental to get many of the eye-catching shots, Torres said.

Gibbon Slacklines plans to use the video for a 2013 advertising campaign. It was filmed in September after a Gibbon demonstration event at the University of Utah.





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