Semifinalists named for Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge

GREELEY — Eleven semifinalists have been announced for the eighth annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado.

The semifinalists are competing for $50,000 in prize money to help bring their innovative business ideas to fruition.

The semifinalists will present their business concepts Jan. 31 at the UNC University Center. Following the semifinals, the field will be pared to five finalists that will present their business plans to a panel of judges in a “Shark Tank” format at the UNC University Center April 28.

“The semifinalists this year are a diverse group of enterprises,” said David Thomas, assistant professor of management and director of the Entrepreneurial Challenge. “Many of the products and services they represent are ones we haven’t seen yet in the many years we’ve been doing this.”

The 11 semifinalists are:

BarMade, Greeley: BarMade is a full mixology that can make and pour chilled and carbonated mixed drinks/cocktails from any smartphone or tablet. The units can be connected, via Wi-Fi, into smart homes, allowing for home users to interact with their BarMade.

Class Composer, Boulder: This software service helps elementary schools create balanced classes in less time.  The software program ensures equity among the newly created classes, which fosters a better learning environment for students.

Dare2Coach, Windsor: This Web-based survey company offers a multi-rater feedback tool for athletic coaches. Dare2Coach serves as a facilitator by providing insights to a coach’s blind spots allowing them to be the best coach possible.

EZ Protein, Pueblo: the EZ Protein Machine is a protein dispenser that stores up to three different types of protein powders or other supplements and water, and has an intuitive touchscreen user interface.

Global Village Power LLC, Fort Collins: The company is working to end energy poverty in the commercial cooking sectors of Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa by marketing, distributing and servicing commercial-size, energy efficient, clean cooking systems to Ghana’s schools, restaurants, and commercial food preparers.

Lacuna Diagnostics, Fort Collins: The company is developing a digital pathology system to save pet’s lives by reducing diagnostic turnaround time by creating and sharing digital images rather than relying on shipments of physical microscope slides.

Our Green Nation, Avon: The company believes that people can elevate the status quo of wellness using the power of authentic conversations. Through an ecosystem of health, wellness and well-being, it takes an integrative wellness approach to 10 broad-reaching categories and offers a marketplace.

Qualify, Boulder: The company is developing a platform that connects college students and allows them to interact beyond just the swipe of a finger. User-generated quiz questions help narrow the search for a significant other and foster stronger relationships for people that qualify.

SiVEC Biotechnologies, Windsor:  The company is developing a patent-pending antiviral technology, SiVEC-AIV, to be rapidly applied on-farm as a sprayed aerosol to treat and prevent all types of avian flu viruses in poultry.

Stow, Windsor: The company is creating an online community and marketplace for storage and parking, allowing users with extra storage space to make extra income by listing it on the Stow platform. Stow helps connect those who have storage space with those that need space while providing extra income to everyday people.  

To Market Ltd., Arvada: The company is developing an online marketplace for sourcing local food. To Market creates a tool for farmers to maximize their time, yields and earnings while getting the best chefs the best quality products.



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