SBDC reports $17.5 million in Weld capital formation in 2012

The Northeast-East Central Colorado Small Business Development Center helped companies in its area in securing $17.5 million in capital formation in 2012, representing 22.5 percent of the total amount of capital formation in the state last year.

SBDCs provide free business consulting and low-cost training to people looking to start a business or to expand their business and stay competitive. Weld County provided the SBDC with $35,000 in funding in 2012.

“Last year, the Weld County centers helped 299 clients navigate funding and development challenges,´ said Commissioner Chairman William Garcia. “That number is remarkable when you consider that 480 clients were served in the entire region in 2012.”

In addition to Weld County, the SBDC serves towns across the eastern plains of Colorado.




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