Account Executive

Account Executive: Application
An account executive directs the marketing of a company's products or services (assets). Account executives work hand-in-hand with business owners, developers, designers, and production managers to ensure a product or service's successful promotion.

An account executive has to be extremely knowledgeable, creative, confident, positive and thick-skinned. There is a high expectation by our clients for account executives to create the opportunity to do business together, even though they do not acknowledge the obvious, and/or take the initiative. This dynamic makes the position substantially more difficult and demanding compared to other positions/industries/jobs. However, creative thinkers with the ability to analyze statistics and know their product, sell ideas and then execute those ideas quickly. They build long-term relationships where their clients and improve their company’s sales.

Your role is one of the most important positions to a company because without the generation of leads and sales, no other positions are needed and a business will fail.
This position is a salary + commission + incentives position, in terms of compensation.
Our Value Proposition is defined as The Power of 3: in-print, in-person & Online.
For a complete list of assets, please refer to our Media Kit.
This is an application not a term paper, but please provide thorough answers, yet do not submit an essay.

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