New scam targeting Colorado corporations

A new scam is circulating through the Colorado business community, offering to file documents with the Secretary of State in exchange for a fee.

The offer was mailed to many companies in Colorado, offering to file a company’s annual report minutes with the Secretary of State for $125. According to Paul Mueller of Mueller & Associates CPA, this information does not need to be filed with the state.

The bogus form cites provisions from the Colorado Revised Statutes about the need for annual meeting reports and minutes.

All Colorado corporations are required to keep the information in their files, but submitting it to the state is not required by law, Mueller said.

A similar scam was circulated in April, Mueller said, with the scammers offering to file a report to the Secretary of State for $225. The report can be filed by anyone with Internet access and doing so costs $10, Mueller said.

Any company receiving such an offer should disregard it, said Mueller, calling it a “trap for the unwary.”




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