NASA picks Greeley Haven for winter rest

NASA recently announced it will take the opportunity to park one of its rovers on an outcrop of rock known as Greeley Haven.

The announcement came just weeks before a Rocky Mountain Lodging Report announced the city of Greeley had the highest occupancy rate in the state for the second month in a row.

NASA could easily swing the average room rate of $67, but Greeley Haven is, in fact, not in Weld County, the state, or even on planet Earth.

It’s on Mars.

Now entering its eighth year of out-of-this-world sightseeing, the solar panels on NASA’s exploration rover Opportunity have accumulated a thick layer of dust, which is impacting its ability to recharge its batteries.

So, NASA will situate Opportunity to soak up as much sun possible during the Martian winter.

Greeley Haven — informally named to honor Arizona State University Professor Ronald Greeley, a planetary geologist who passed away last year — provides just the right 15-degree tilt for maximum solar exposure.

The Eye wonders if NASA knows it went 47 million miles to see an outcrop of rock without any snow when they could have seen the same thing in Colorado?

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