Multimedia coffee table interacts with iTunes, cameras, other devices

Savant Systems LLC, with an approach to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform, has announced the first Apple(r)-based coffee table surface product.

The ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller supports all the capabilities of the Savant suite of ROSIE In-wall touch panels plus interactive multimedia capabilities, such as integration and interaction with iTunes(r) multimedia content, digital cameras, IP network cameras, business card readers and many additional high-tech devices.

Victor Saverino, director of product management at Savant said, “The ROSIE Coffee Table brings the converged functionality of a touch panel to an interactive surface technology that is practical on the one hand, entertaining and exciting to use on the other.

The ROSIE Coffee Table is truly the evolution of interactive technology – it can seamlessly download photos from digital cameras, play music, movies, and TV shows as well as accomplish complete home control all from within one elegant forty-inch interface.” Savant plans to offer the ROSIE Coffee Table in a number of different furniture styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Copper detailing is solid gold

Home sellers find that exterior detailing, including copper weather vanes, copper planters and brass doorknockers provide eye-catching curb appeal that draws potential buyers.

Copper weathervanes and other exterior details also add a touch of welcoming elegance and a perception of added value that can help keep sale prices high.

In a buyer’s market it’s important that a home stands out from other choices. Here are some low-cost fixes that can help sell your house.

– Buy quality welcome mats for all entry doors. This makes an unmistakable psychological impression.

– Paint your front door. Cracked and peeling paint on a front door signals to a potential buyer that the house has not been well maintained.

Perfect temperature in shower

Doing the shower dance because of heart-stopping cold or blistering hot water is a thing of the past.

With today’s technology you can set your shower water temperature to your liking and through a thermostatic cartridge that temperature stays with one degree.

 Bristan makes a wide range of thermostatic showers that come with chrome plated heads and also has a water saving system and limits the water flow to a maximum of 14 liters per minute. One of the advantages of this system is that it is easy to service and you can easily install it by yourself. The product is guaranteed for five years against any manufacturing defects.

Choosing a thermostatic shower is an easy task if you are aware of exactly what you are looking for. There is a wide variety of products that are available in the market. It is advisable to always check out the showers at an online store because you will be able to view a wide range of products with a simple click of a mouse.


Looking after wooden floors

It can be a great investment to any home to install wooden floors, whether you have new floor boards laid, have old ones renovated or whether you have laminate flooring.

It helps to add warmth, character and personality to any room that it is in but depending upon what option you take, it can cost a lot of money.

Accidents happen all of the time whether you drop some sauce or other food onto the floor, or if you spill some water on it and forget to mop it up. Things easily happen and without sorting it out, it can eventually turn into a problem for your wooden floors. The reason is dirt and grime may not seem like a problem, but if it is left it can cause marks, scuffs and scratches because it could get dragged around.

The important thing to consider is that some cleaning products could easily cause damage to the floor.

To determine what product you will need will depend on what type of finish is on the flooring. One type of wood finish would be either varnish or shellac, which is mainly used in older floors. If you have a varnish or shellac finish then you just need a simple dust mop as well as regularly sweeping and vacuuming up.

If you have a new or interesting home improvement product, especially for the Boulder Valley area, send information and photos to or mail to the Boulder County Business Report.



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