Morning Fresh Dairy to deliver milk in electric truck

BELLVUE — Morning Fresh Dairy said Thursday that it will begin using a new electric milk truck for home delivery in Fort Collins.

The company said it believes it is the only electric milk truck in use in the United States.

The vehicle, designed and made by Boulder Electric Vehicle in Lafayette, will be charged nightly at a newly installed charging station at Bellvue-based Morning Fresh Dairy.

The 7,200-pound truck can travel as many as 120 miles on one charge, helping the dairy cover its average route of about 110 miles. The truck can carry 4,000 pounds of cargo, easily accommodating the dairy’s 2,000 pounds of milk, yogurt, eggs and other products.

Established by William C. Graves in 1894, Morning Fresh Dairy produces milk that is free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and pesticides in reusable glass bottles, according to the company. Most of the alfalfa and grain used to feed the cows is grown on its property.

Boulder Electric Vehicle designs and manufactures electric delivery trucks, flatbed trucks and service bodies.

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