Local makes ‘Jeopardy’ appearance

Answer: Fort Collins resident and former editor of the Northern Colorado Business Report who achieved a lifelong goal Jan. 30 by getting onto “Jeopardy” after she first began trying out at age 18.
Who is Kate Hawthorne Jeracki?

Answer: A few wrong responses left Kate in the hole early on. Wagering $1,000 on the Daily Double, and getting it correct, left her down just $600 going into Double Jeopardy.
What happened in the first round?

Answer: Clicker malfunction.
How did she not get the question about the state flower of Colorado?

Answer: Thanks, in part, to Contestant Three missing the Daily Double, Contestant One hitting a cold-streak, and Kate’s frightening knowledge of words that start with “u,” our local favorite headed into Final Jeopardy in second place with $11,400.
What is an amazing comeback?

Answer: Very entertaining because she even managed to correct the show’s host on properly phrasing responses on “Jeopardy.”
How was her chit-chat with Alex Trebek?

“1960s TV Characters” was the Final Jeopardy category. Kate and Contestant Three answered right to end the day with $21,400 (she only wagered $10,000) and $22,000, respectively. Contestant One answered incorrectly and finished with $19,199.

Final Jeopardy question: One of her first spoken lines is translated, ‘You have the face of a wise and fearless caliph.’

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