Kombucha maker a finalist in Wells Fargo national contest

BOULDER – Rowdy Mermaid, a startup in Boulder that makes the fermented tea drink kombucha, is one of 25 national finalists in the Wells Fargo Work Project Contest.

Five grand prize winners will each receive $25,000 along with mentorship and tailored solutions for their business, and a $5,000 charitable donation to a nonprofit in their community. Winners will be announced Sept. 8.

Rowdy Mermaid, started by Jamba Dunn, has a taproom at 2516 49th St., Unit 2, in Boulder, where it serves the beverage that contains live probiotics and yeast. Dunn makes his kombucha from organic tea, organic herbs and fresh fruit.

Many people who drink kombucha believe its living microorganisms and antioxidants strengthen the immune system, cleanse and strengthen organs and correct acidic pH levels.

Dunn told Wells Fargo he has plenty of community support and is hoping to be a grand prize winner in the contest to gain financial guidance for his business and funds to help pay his staff.

 The Wells Fargo Works Project contest was launched May 1 in conjunction with the roll out of Wells Fargo Works for Small Business, an initiative that delivers resources, guidance and services to help small businesses achieve financial success. Wells Fargo also announced a goal to extend $100 billion in new lending to small businesses by 2018.

Visit WellsFargoWorks.com to review all 25 finalist entries.




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