JBS hopes to cut plant odors in Greeley

GREELEY — JBS is planning to install a $1.5 million stack that controls odor from its Greeley plant, the company said Tuesday.

The meat packer recently applied to the city of Greeley to build the 180-foot stack, said Brad Mueller, the city’s community development director.

The “odor-control stack” will combine three emission points at the plant, which processes 5,400 cattle daily, according to JBS. It will route pre-treated odor emissions to a higher elevation, which will “significantly” lessen odors.

“Stacks are extremely effective at minimizing odors,” Cameron Bruett, JBS head of sustainability and corporate communications, said in an email. “We installed a similar stack in Green Bay several years ago and reduced odor complaints to all but zero over the last few years.”

The city approved JBS’ recent request for a variance to allow the stack to exceed the normal structure height limit of 60 feet in a high-intensity industrial zone, Mueller said. JBS has not yet pulled a building permit for the stack.

Once JBS moves forward with the stack, building it will take as long as six months, Bruett said.

“Stack technologies are not a cure-all per se, and we continue to investigate alternative technologies that may improve our odor control systems,” he said. “But we believe this investment is a positive for the community and evidence of our continued commitment to being a good corporate citizen.”




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