It’s all about fair play

Oh, those Brits!

Prince Harry is to command a tank unit in Iraq, at his own insistance — hey, who wants to see all that Sandhurst education go to waste? — if the troops are still there by the time his spring deployment comes up, of course. Tony Blair’s announcement that the British contribution to the “coalition of the willing” has just about run its course came the day before. We did our bit, chaps, and best of luck with that surge plan. Maybe the Bush twins, or some other member of the extended clan, might be pressed into service to make it work?

But the best example of Anglo-American cooperation came from Scottish-born comedian Craig Ferguson, who refused to dogpile on the obviously imploding Britney Spears just for some late-night laughs.

Hear, hear!

But, when you bring up the AP report on his Feb. 19 monologue, which focused just on his remrks about Britney, not his sincere “get help if you need it” message, the sponsored links served up include a Britney fan club for pre-teen girls and offers for “official” Britney merchandise.

Stop the madness.


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