Internship required

I doubt any youngsters are reading this blog but perhaps I can grab the attention of a parent of a high school or college student. Or maybe you are an adult learner making a career change. This also applies to you.

Here is the deal. Anyone who expects to land in a career position post college needs to be doing internships and work study programs all the while they are in school … not in your senior year of college and not post-graduation.

Ideally, students should be gaining career specific work experience all through college.

Make internship experiences a requirement for yourself regardless of whether or not it is required in your program of study.

Higher education is no longer a magic pill that ensures you can earn a living wage after graduation.

It is important to weigh the cost of tuition with the expected salaries in your area of study.

Do research to determine growing fields and positions that match your strengths and interests. Don’t go into accounting just because job prospects are good. And whatever you choose to do, start building relationships and gaining work experience in your target industry. 
Study hard and work hard while you are in school. And then perhaps you will be able to afford to play hard down the road.
Student loans are heading your way. Enough said. 


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