ImpressionIs Bladeless LASIK better than Traditional LASIK?

When factoring in precision, safety and visual outcomes, the answer is “YES”. Traditional LASIK is performed using a handheld blade called the Microkeratome to create the corneal flap. Since the FDA approval of LASIK in 1998, much advancement in technology has occurred, and patient’s now have the option of a computer-guided, laser created flap. The laser flap’s precision and adjustability allow the surgeon to create customized flaps to fit the unique size, and shape of each individual’s eyes. Multiple clinical trials have indicated that lasers can create a consistent thicknesses and shape throughout the entire area of the flap. Flaps created with a bladed microkeratome tend to be thicker around the edges and thinner in the center, which is where the strength is needed most. That reproducibility in flap creation is “SAFER” and reduces the majority of complications associated “button-hole” or “free cap” (Detached flaps). In addition, the laser flap creates a smoother treatment bed than a bladed microkeratome which has shown to increase visual recovery, better contrast, and improved overall quality of vision. You have options when it comes to choosing your LASIK surgeon – be sure to do your homework and choose the procedure customized for your unique eyes


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