House approves more flood relief measures

Three flood-relief bills were approved by the Colorado House today, including a $12 million grant fund to help rebuild water systems, a state income tax break for people who came to the state to help with flood and wildfire recovery efforts, and a bill that will allow local tax districts to collect monies more frequently to help pay for flood assistance efforts.

The bills – HB14-1002, sponsored by Rep. Dave Young (D-Greeley), HB14-1003, sponsored by Reps. Daniel Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) and Lori Saine (R-Dacono), and HB14-1006 – Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont) are next heard in the Colorado Senate. All three bills were recommended by the bipartisan Flood Disaster Study Committee.

Dean Toda, spokesman for House Democrats, said the money set aside for water system repair will be distributed only after projects are properly vetted. “There are hurdles that have to be met,” Toda said, but “the intention is to make these monies available promptly so folks can get running water.”




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