Greeley to repair aging water lines

The city of Greeley is working with a New York-based company to recondition about 33,000 feet of the city’s cast-iron water pipelines.

Greeley has entered into a $997,400 contract with Mainlining Service Inc. of Elma, N.Y., to perform work in several locations between Fifth and 22nd Streets and Eighth and 40th Avenues, the city said Monday. The project will begin Friday and will be completed Oct. 15.

The city is reconditioning the pipelines, some of which are more than 80 years old, because the insides are corroding and filling with rust. The rust buildup has reduced flow and pressure of these pipes, and if left untreated, will worsen.

The aging condition also can lead to rusty-colored water.

Instead of digging up the street and replacing the old pipe and pavement above it, the Greeley Water Department will drill smaller excavation holes at intersections. The underground pipe will be cleaned in place and lined with a thin layer of cement.

The new lining stops internal corrosion and extends the usefulness of the pipe by at least 50 years. It also cuts costs by more than 50 percent compared with replacing the water pipelines, according to the city.




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