Greeley hotels see highest occupancy in state

GREELEY – The occupancy rate at Greeley hotels was 82.3 percent in October, the highest percentage in all of Colorado.

Denver and Durango were tied for the closest second to Greeley’s rate, each having a 74.4 percent occupancy rate in October, according to the latest data from the Rocky Mountain Lodging Association.

Loveland’s rate was the next-highest in Northern Colorado, at 70.4 percent. Fort Collins saw an occupancy rate of 62 percent in October, while Estes Park’s was 50.6 percent.

Although Greeley had the highest occupancy, it offered some of the lowest room rates in the state. The average daily room rate in Greeley was $83.85 in October, compared with $96 in Fort Collins, $106 in Loveland and $145 in Estes Park.

In Denver, the rental rate was $125 per night, on average.

Greeley’s hotels have experienced higher occupancy rates in recent months because of the increase in oil and gas workers in the area.

In Colorado as a whole, the occupancy rate was 62.9 percent with an average daily room rate of $120.




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