Gratitude walk

Most people consider me a positive person. I tend to see the glass half-full and look on the bright side of life.

But even I can get into a negative space. I recently realized that my usually sunny attitude had become a bit gloomy. I was complaining.  I felt grumpy. I started to worry about things I could not control. 
 I went on a gratitude walk to get into a better space.
I walked for an hour along a trail near my home. The goal was to focus only on the good stuff that was happening in my life. 

As I walked out of the gloom and back into a happier place, I noticed a couple of things.
1)  As long as I was focused on the negative, I could not seem to see the good things very easily.  The good was there all along but my thoughts seemed to go to the dark side.
2)  The flip side was also true. Once on my walk, the good just seemed to flow back to my consciousness.
3) And since my attitude-adjusting walk, more and more good has seemed to pop up in my life.
What we focus on expands. When we notice the negative, we attract more of the same.  When we choose to see the good in our lives, we reap a bounty of sweet reminders of all that is right with the world.
I know this is nothing new. But even a positive person like me needs a reminder now and then. It is easy to fall into a negative space.

Take a walk on the sunny side of the street and see if you can snap yourself back a happy place.

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