Forest Service cites man in Hewlett Fire

A Fort Collins man was cited Friday by the U.S. Forest Service for allegedly starting the Hewlett Gulch Fire while camping.

James J. Weber, according to officials, was using an alcohol camp stove that sparked the fire on Monday.

Weber tried to stomp out the fire, according to a press release from the Forest Service, but failed.

He fled as the fire spread and later reported that he started the blaze to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, the Forest Service alleged.

Weber was cited under a section of the fire code for causing “timber, trees, slash, brush or grass to burn except as authorized by permit.”

He faces a $300 fine plus a $25 processing fee. The Forest Service said it will also pursue Weber for restitution.

The Forest Service said there was no cell service in the area where the fire erupted.




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