Erie home to most expensive houses in NoCo

All three major Northern Colorado cities have average home prices that are below the average for the state, but one smaller town has an average price that far exceeds the rest.

New data released by Coldwell Banker shows that the average price for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Colorado is $387,309, compared with the national average of $292,152.

In Erie, the average home sells for $407,580, the highest price of all Northern Colorado communities ranked on the list.

Greeley is the third-most affordable city in Colorado, with an average home price of $173,195. Pueblo and Alamosa had lower prices.

Loveland’s average home price is $343,098 while the average home in Fort Collins goes for $346,683.

Boulder was the most expensive community, with homes there selling for an average price over $1 million.


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