Encana releases environment report

Encana has implemented a company-wide program to more safely manage chemicals, increased its land-reclamation efforts and continued to invest in emission-reduction technology, according to a company report.

The annual report, released Thursday, contains highlights of the company’s efforts to achieve its corporate responsibility goals. Encana drills natural gas wells in and around the town of Erie.

“This year’s report highlights significant achievements for Encana and underscores the importance we place on strong corporate governance and responsible development,” Bob Grant, an Encana executive vice president, said in a statement.

The report says the company has established a program to assess additives used in hydraulic fracturing operations for potential effects on human health and the environment.
It also said Encana has reclaimed 424 acres in 2011, up from 298 in 2010, and that the company avoided 630,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions through emission-reduction technology.




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