Colorado’s one-hundred-year-old farms, ranches honored

WELD COUNTY –  Nineteen Colorado families will celebrate their more than 100 years old farms or ranches at the 28th Annual Centennial Farms Celebration today at 4p.m. at the State Fair in Pueblo.

Three of these historic properties are in Weld County. They are the Ball Ranch in Briggsdale, founded in 1914; the Kindvall Ranch in New Raymer, founded in 1912; and the Leafgren Farm in Lucerne, which dates back to 1914.

The celebration, hosted by History Colorado, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the Colorado State Fair and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will honor all farms and ranches that have persisted for a century, despite drought, economic conditions and changes in farming methods.


Hi Byron: I would visit this site to see who the other families are. If that doesn’t work, I would contact the Colorado Historical Society. Good Luck. Jerd Smith.

Who are the other 19 families? How would one get on this list?



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