Clean Energy Supercluster awards seed money

FORT COLLINS – Colorado State University’s Clean Energy Supercluster has awarded the fifth round of seed grants to promote emerging technologies and education about clean-energy solutions.

The Clean Energy Supercluster was launched in 2008 and focuses on everything from the economics and policymaking of clean energies to new-energy sources.

The supercluster includes team members from the fields of natural sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences, natural resources, humanities, applied human sciences, veterinary medicine and business.

The projects receiving seed money span five colleges and 11 department. They are:

Biofuels and Emerging Technology

“Nanoparticle Catalysts for Biomass Conversion into Platform Chemicals and Biofuels” ($15,000 in partnership with Sustainable BioEnergy Development Center)

“Influence of Drought Stress on Bioenergy Traits in Sweet Sorghum” ($14,952)

“Terpenoid production in Synechocystis PCC 6803 Using Computation Based Design” ($25,000)

“A Biorefinery Approach to the Production of Biofuels and Bioactives from Sweet Sorghum” ($29,805)

Solar and Efficiency

“Development of Low-Cost Conditioning Monitoring using Wireless Microcontroller Electricity Measurements” ($24,711)

“Real Time Nitric Oxide Laser Sensor for Engine Feedback” ($15,000)

Smartgrids, Wind, Storage

“Variability in Power Production and Capital Costs: The Economic Consequences of Nonlinear Wind Farm Dynamics” ($24,800)

Policy, Education, and Cross-Cutting Topics:

“Expanding the Educational Potential of Colorado’s Wind for Schools Program: Curriculum Development, Training, and Support for ‘Wind for School’ Sites” ($8,860)

“A Computable General Equilibrium Model to Support Energy Policy Decision-Making in Colorado” ($17,975)

“Increasing Funding for Agricultural Energy Projects in Colorado” ($10,000)

White Papers

“Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” ($9,750)




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