Cisco backing CableLabs’ innovation lab

LOUISVILLE – Cisco Systems Inc. is providing Cable Television Laboratories Inc. with core infrastructure and Videoscape components for a new IPTV Innovations Lab in Louisville.

The lab will provide cable-system operators that are members of CableLabs with the capability to test Internet protocol video.

CableLabs is a nonprofit research and develop consortium of cable-system operators, and it has operations in Louisville and Sunnyvale, California.

IP video is one of several initiatives being driven by system operators to develop and advance new standards for the cable industry.

Cisco is providing the lab with core infrastructure, including routing equipment, switching, cable modem termination systems, storage networks and elements from Videoscape, Cisco’s multi-screen video platform for service providers.

“CableLabs has committed to cultivate an innovation pipeline with a three-year planning horizon, said Tom Lookabough, chief R&D officer at CableLabs. ” This new IPTV Innovations Lab delivers on that commitment while helping our service-provider members and technology suppliers refine their focus, improve overall time to market of new products and services, and share best practices.”

CableLabs plans to test multivendor integration between components of an all-IP infrastructure, test CableLabs specifications in a controlled multivendor environment, and test the reliability and efficiency of all-IP video delivery under varying impairments.




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