CID4 to partner with Innosphere to aid life-science startups

FORT COLLINS — The nonprofit Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development said Wednesday it will join the Rocky Mountain Innosphere to help nurture the Fort Collins tech incubator’s life-science companies.

The nonprofit Innosphere will work closely with Denver-based CID4 to fund and manage emerging life-science technologies.

“Working with CID4 will allow the Innosphere and our bioscience companies to work with experienced life-science technology leaders, entrepreneurs and investors,” Innosphere CEO Mike Freeman said. “CID4 will provide assistance reviewing new bioscience company applications and allow Innosphere client companies to access CID4 seed funds.”

CID4 funds early-stage Colorado-based life-science companies to bridge the gap between proof-of-concept and significant funding.

“Even though access to early-stage venture capital has become increasingly difficult, CID4 has a great track record of working with biotech companies and helping them get funded,” Freeman said.




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