CEC activates solar arrays in Breckenridge

BRECKENRIDGE – Clean Energy Collective LLC brought online two new 500-kilowatt community-owned solar arrays that will serve residents and businesses in and around Breckenridge.

The two facilities have the capacity to power up to 200 customers.

Clean Energy Collective – headquartered in Carbondale but with about 40 of its 45 employees carrying out main operations at its office in Boulder – developed and manages the arrays, and sells the panels to residents and businesses. The cost of each 235-watt panel is $870, with a minimum purchase of five.

Purchasers of the panels receive credits for the solar energy produced on their Xcel Energy Inc. bill. Clean Energy Collective guarantees the panels for 50 years, reserving a small percentage of the panels for an escrow account from which it sells energy to Xcel to cover the cost of array maintenance over time.

Clean Energy Collective’s spokesman Tim Braun said one of the arrays is sold-out. The city of Breckenridge has committed to buy whatever panels on the second array that are not purchased.

The company has multiple arrays slated to come online. A 500-kw system at 1600 66th St. that serves Boulder went online in June and is nearly sold-out, Braun said. A second array is planned for Boulder, though the timeline is to be determined.


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