Boulder Valley, NoCo startups land millions in OEDIT grants

Several companies and university ventures from the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado were awarded grants in the latest round of the Advanced Industry Accelerator Grant Program administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

The state handed out more than $4.1 million in Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention grants that are aimed at promoting growth and sustainability in Colorado’s advanced industries like aerospace, bioscience and advanced manufacturing.

Boulder-based company Vairex Air Systems was among the local companies receiving grants. Vairex, which makes controllers for fuel-cell motors, received a follow-on $100,000 grant, adding to the AIA grant of $150,000 the company received last year.

Four of the local companies, in addition to two from Denver, are or were members of the Fort Collins-based Innosphere incubator, including Vairex, Eximis Surgical, SilLion, PetroDE.

The local companies and universities receiving grants included:

Petro DE, Broomfield, $250,000

Canvas Technology, Boulder, $250,000

GeoVisual Analytics, Boulder, $250,000

Kelvin Thermal Technologies, Boulder, $250,000

Roccor Aerospace, Longmont, $250,000

SunTech Drive, Superior, $250,000

SilLion, Broomfield, $250,000

Aaron Michels, University of Colorado Boulder, $150,000

Julie Dunn, Colorado State University/Eximis Surgical, Louisville, $150,000

Suzanne Tabbaa, Equine Orthopedics Research Center, Colorado State University, $150,000

Douglas Thamm, Colorado State University/VetDC, Fort Collins, $140,490


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