BizWest Media assesses its need for tape

Ever considered the role tape plays in your life?

Sometimes it’s clearly holding things together, sometimes the red variety holds you up, and sometimes it’s all that a resourceful TV character needs to hold off an always life-threatening situation.

How much would you pay for tape? You’d probably pay two or three dollars for most day-to-day situations, maybe a little more to stave off life-threatening situations.

The event organizers for BizWest Media, parent company to this paper and its sister publications in Boulder and Wyoming, ran out of tape during the setup for a recent event. None of the contacted office supply stores carried the particular kind of tape, so it was a turn of luck that the tape manufacturer was based in Denver.

A representative from the company stopped by the BizWest office in Fort Collins and informed them that one replacement roll would be around $50. Though the tape was of a specialized nature and the customer service was much appreciated, BizWest went with a more modestly priced roll of tape seeing as how they were not trying to reattach an airplane wing or disarm a bomb.

Note: further investigation revealed no tape in existence is designed for either of those situations. Also, the good folks at the Denver company are, of course, welcome to re-bid.




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