Bennet seeks to improve agricultural easement program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Michael Bennet has introduced two Farm Bill amendments so that farmers can more easily conserve their land.

“Over the last two years, I traveled across the state to hear from Coloradans about how the Farm Bill can work better for them,” Bennet said. “Farmers and ranchers routinely said that conservation of their land and natural resources is a priority.”

“These amendments will help allow them preserve their farm and ranchland for years to come,” he said.

One amendment would give farmers and ranchers incentives and legal clarity to enter into an easement agreement, according to Bennet’s office. Easements ensure that farming and ranching lands retain their undeveloped character.

The second amendment would ensure regional equity for states looking to participate in conservation projects by restoring a cost-sharing program.

The Senate will continue to debate the Farm Bill next week. The legislation will reauthorize agricultural and conservation programs for five years.




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