Avago expansion reaches critical milestone

FORT COLLINS – The design-build team of JE Dunn Construction Construction Group Inc., Mazzetti Inc., BurkettDesign Inc. and Martin/Martin Inc. on Friday celebrated the “topping out” of the core and shell structure of Avago Technologies’ 192,372-square-foot expansion.

The topping out marked the placement of the last piece of structural steel for the building at 4380 Ziegler Road. Construction began six months ago and has progressed without any delays due to accidents at the site.

“This project has represented design-build at its best,” JE Dunn’s vice president Kevin Brettmann said in a press release. “The project’s fast-paced schedule demanded a highly collaborative approach, and we’re fortunate to have a team that integrates so seamlessly.”

The Avago expansion will help the company grow its wireless communications business, which involves manufacturing semiconductors used in smartphones.

In December, Avago (Nasdaq: AVGO), a spinoff of Agilent Technologies Inc., announced it would acquire LSI Corp. (Nasdaq: LSI) for $6.6 billion.

Avago is co-headquartered in Singapore and San Jose, Calif., but its largest campus is in Fort Collins. The company employed 870 people in Fort Collins in 2013.


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