AT&T switches on 4G LTE in Boulder

BOULDER – As it promised in September, AT&T (NYSE: T) turned on its 4G LTE network Friday in Boulder, bringing customers the latest generation of wireless network technology.

The technology is capable of delivering mobile Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G along with more efficient use of the finite wireless spectrum.

“We continue to see demand for mobile Internet skyrocket, and our 4G LTE network in Boulder responds to what customers want from their mobile experience – more, faster, on the best devices,´ said Bill Soards, president of AT&T Colorado, in a press statement.

AT&T is catching up with Verizon Wireless, which already provides 4G LTE service to Boulder and Denver. Sprint and T-Mobile do not yet provide 4G LTE.

4G LTE – it stands for “fourth-generation long-term evolution” – allows smartphones to access the Internet faster for activities such as downloading apps or streaming videos.

AT&T and Verizon, the two largest mobile phone networks, are highly competitive about who has the larger and better 4G network. According to Verizon’s website, its 4G network area covers about 230 million people in 371 cities, but all of it uses 4G LTE.




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