Are you ready for a job search?

Ready to leap into a new job? Here are 10 questions to answer before you should even think about beginning a serious search:
1. Are you physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to make connections and network your way to your next opportunity?
2. Are you still dwelling in the past or are you excited about the future?
3. Do you have a position and industry focus?
4. Is your online image sparkly and engaging?
5. Are three or four solid references standing by ready to respond to inquiries?
6. Do you know how to target your résumé and cover letter?
7. Is your professional introduction engaging, polished, and clear?
8. Do you have the financial and emotional support you need?
9. Can you conduct advanced career research to ensure you are on the right path and to tap into the hidden market?
10. Do you have five to seven compelling accomplishment stories to tell during an interview to “show” the hiring team that you are the best candidate for the job?
If you cannot provide an unequivocal and resounding “yes” to these questions, then do yourself a favor and hold off on the job search.

Now go get ready!

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