Are you a professional?

I recently heard a unique definition of what it means to be a professional. A professional is a person who embodies the following three qualities: competence, confidence and belief.

Professionals have the technical and soft skills to do the job well. They are self-assured and poised. They believe in their own personal value as well as in the value of others.

Create a professional summary about yourself that explains how you embody these three qualities. In what ways are you competent? How do you exude confidence? What do you believe about yourself and others? Take action if you notice an area that needs some bolstering.

Professionalism is something we tend to take for granted. We “expect” people to be professional. And yet it takes effort to continually polish and refine our professional image. Take the time to answer the following questions. Where do I shine? How can I sparkle more brilliantly?




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