Acertara’s ultrasound probe tester patented

LONGMONT – A developer of acoustic-measurement systems for medical ultrasound procedures has been awarded a patent for a new system for testing diagnostic ultrasound probes.

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, with offices at 1860 Lefthand Circle, Suite H, in Longmont, announced this week that it received U.S. patent 8,803,532 for the device released by its research and development team.

“It’s a device that hospitals can use to check the health of their ultrasound probes and make sure they’re working to their full design specifications,” said Dave Dallaire, senior director of sales at Acertara. “Research has shown that roughly 25 percent of all probes in use will have some sort of deficiency or imaging degradation.”

The device “represents the 15th patent our team has been awarded relative to diagnostic ultrasound system and probe-testing devices,” said G. Wayne Moore, president and chief executive of Acertara, in a media statement. “Our engineering team first developed the modern ultrasound probe-testing paradigm more than 13 years ago when we introduced FirstCall at Sonora Medical Systems. It is our passion to once again redesign the probe-testing market by creating disruptive technologies that match the very complex and sophisticated ultrasound probes being used today, including 2D matrix arrays.”

Acertara’s R&D team has been awarded more than 40 U.S. and international patents, ranging from 3D ultrasound devices to devices that deliver super-saturated levels of oxygen to myocardial tissue of heart-attack patients.



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