Boulder updates public on municipalization ballot items, plans Q-and-A

BOULDER — The Colorado Public Utilities Commission hearing for Boulder’s municipalization attempt has ended, and a ruling is expected for September.

But in the meantime, city officials are preparing the public for a future where Boulder’s utility provider might not be Xcel Energy.

At its August meeting, the Boulder City Council said to expect three municipalization-related ballot questions:

  • Extending and increasing the portion of the utility occupation tax that funds the city’s municipalization effort.
  • Extending, with possible limitations, authorization for the City Council to meet in private executive sessions to discuss legal strategy related to municipalization.
  • Clarifying the creation of the electric utility “on paper.”

The city is hosting a booth from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Aug. 12 at the Boulder Farmer’s Market to discuss Boulder’s energy future. At the event, people can ask questions about the PUC hearing and municipalization.

On Aug. 15, the city council will continue discussing potential ballot questions for municipalization at its meeting.