BizWest seeks nominees for Best Employers program

The business journal for the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado is partnering with the workplace research firm Best Companies Group to identify and recognize organizations in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado that have excelled in creating workplaces where associates love to go to work each day.  

“While offering great benefits is important, the real measure of whether an organization is a great place to work is employee engagement,” said BizWest publisher Jeff Nuttall. “That is why this program includes both an employer survey and an employee survey, with emphasis being placed on the employee experience.”

As the research partner, Best Companies Group will conduct the evaluations and will determine the final list of winners.  Formed in 2004, BCG combines its state-of-the art survey technology with workplace excellence research expertise to create and manage “Best Places to Work” programs all over the world.  With more than 60 programs globally, BCG surveys more than 600,000 employees annually, representing more than 5,000 organizations. BCG also works on several large independent survey and research projects around the world.

Led by president and co-founder Peter Burke, BCG has derived success by employing research methodologies that insure the integrity of employer information and employee feedback, Burke said.

“We are really excited to lend our expertise and passion to BizWest’s Best Employers program,” Burke said. BCG will conduct the two-part assessment process through which they will gather data from employers and employees to determine the dynamics and characteristics of each participating organization.

From that information, BCG is not only able to determine who is good enough to make the list, but also that the information is used create the “Employee Feedback Report” for each participant. The report summarizes the employee-engagement data as well as provides benchmark reports so organizations can better understand how their own corporate culture stacks up against the best.  

“Participating in this initiative will not only give organizations the opportunity to see if they are one of the best employers in the region, but it will also provide each participant the opportunity to obtain and use the feedback report to improve the engagement levels within their organization,” Burke said. The BCG’s Employee Feedback Report is available to all participants regardless of whether they make the list.

Burke said that in this very competitive labor market, being named a best employer will help with employee recruitment, staff retention, marketing, and the employer’s overall reputation in the community.

The registration deadline to enter is Friday, May 12.  Go to for more information and to register.



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