2 more natural-gas fueling stations to open in Weld County

Two more compressed-natural stations will open next week in Kersey and Fort Lupton, bringing the total number of the public fueling stations in Weld County to four.

The Fort Lupton station, owned by Dallas-based ZeitEnergy, will be the first one open to the public in southeast Weld. A grand opening ceremony for the station, 7984 U.S. 85, will be held 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The Kersey station, also owned by ZeitEnergy, at 103 Hill St. and U.S. 34 at Kramer’s Wedge Store will open 2 p.m. next Thursday.

“With stations now located in Firestone, Fort Lupton, Kersey and Greeley, drivers will be able to fuel with CNG throughout the county,” Weld Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said. “We are proud to have been able to work with public and private entities to bring affordable and clean-burning CNG to Weld County.”

Weld also is in the process of converting its fleet vehicles to run on both compressed- and liquefied-natural gas. The county received its first liquefied-natural gas truck in July. It has realized a 22 percent reduction in fuel costs, which will equal about $25,000 in fuel savings annually.




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